Case Studies

Hood Grub SF

The Hood Grub restaurant is in South San Francisco in the back of the Broken Record Bar. When the owners of the Vine in Niles expanded to this location they upgraded everything from the artwork to the menu to appeal to the locals. They asked for a simple site that featured the food and the mood. And as with most restaurant websites, mobile-ready and client maintainable are the two top priorities.

The Vine

This restaurant and patio bar offers catering and special events so it is a great candidate for a calendar on the front page that is easy to manage for any of the staff. It is also a great example of a client-maintained site. The Vine regularly updates their menu, calendar and press pages. The warm and textured design of this site sets a tone that reflects the eclectic dining and socializing experience that the owners embrace.


This design showcases the value of contemporary, mobile first design philosophy. This site features a significant amount of technical resource information in a clean and crisp format. Although this is a brochure site, it provides details into the process of the services provided. It also serves as a summary of technical publications by the company. These types of lists are easily managed with today's available CMS frameworks.

Joes Corner Niles

Joes Corner is an Italian deli and bar in the Historic District of Niles. The goal of this site design was to capture the essence of this fabulous historic site while promoting this great little eatery. The Wordpress framework allows for the restauranteur to easily update the current featured soup and sandwich specials as well as the extensive specialty beer list. The Facebook feed on the front page of this site offers a sense of community even to those who are not "facebook-ers." 

C & J Engineering Technical Services, LLC

Although this is a brochure site, it was designed with some dynamic features that allow for rapid growth. The site is built with Drupal 7 framework and is configured to support mobile viewports and to be easily updated. This site targets a highly technical customer base in search of industry specific solutions. It is not a geotargeted site.

Primo Plantscapes

Although it fits many of the criteria of a brochure site it would be more accurate to call it a portfolio site that is actively used to display landscape success stories and ideas for prospective clients. It is an opportunity to showcase skills and certifications of the landscape designer as well as his geographic operating area. Many clients ask why not show before and after shots. The answer is in the well-documented limit of time you have to get audience attention. Show them the best you have. Show them what you can do for them. This site information is organized in a way that focuses on solutions for the client. It also features some lessons in find-ability for geotargeted search engine optimization.

Pamela Soap

This is a very basic brochure site for a local soap artisan. The goal of this site design was to capture the sense of a spa day and the artistic nature of their soap making process. Pamela Soap focuses on high quality natural ingredients and offers a selection of gifts for personal pampering.

Belvoir Springs

Sometimes the simplest design is the best choice for a brochure site that is so rich with imagery. The Belvoir is one of Fremont's gems with an historic building and beautiful gardens. This site serves as a respository of historic articles and images as well as an advertisement for room rentals and event space.