Digital Marketing Training

Before you start paying for online marketing, make sure you have an optimized site and have explored all the listing opportunities that help make your website more find-able. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is understanding the constantly changing landscape of online marketing and social media. Our experienced crew keeps up with the latest search engine releases and the trends in social media for a variety of industries and the current best practices in website design.

As a small business owner, you track your revenue, your costs, your growth. Are you tracking the success of your website and marketing efforts? Knowing where your clients hear about you is an important part of your marketing strategy. Before you start investing in pay per click PPC schemes and online ads that sound two good to be true, make sure you have your analytics configured to measure the return on your investment. Not all advertising campaigns are created equal. Make sure you invest on the one that aligns to your target audience.

teaching seoNew Media - Designs regularly offers a series of training sessions for local small businesses who want to drive more business from their online assets. This series will start with a review of search engine opitimization best practices for your website. We keep up on the latest trends in search so you don't have to do it. The sessions will also cover social media and what works best for your target market. We have built extensive case studies from our recent work and will share our lessons learned with you as you develop your customized strategy for your business.

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